In Patient Department

At Varma Union Hospital, we provide services for each income group. Hence, you can find a wide spectrum of accommodations for the patients.

Room Categories

General Ward: This ward is the most economical ward. There are 10 beds per ward with different male and female wards along with an adequate washroom in each ward and a telephone (only incoming calls are allowed). Every patient is provided with an attendant chair.

Semi Private Ward: There are three wards with four beds each. A common washroom is provided in each ward and a telephone (only incoming calls are allowed). Every patient is provided with bedside cupboard and an attendant chair.

Normal Private Room: This is a room with an attached toilet, one cot, attendant’s couch, telephone, cupboard, and lunch table on request.

Non a/c Room: This is a room with an attached washroom, one cot, attendant’s couch, television, cooler, and lunch table on request.

Delux: This is an individual air-conditioned room. It comprises patient cot, attendant couch, television, telephone, chair, lunch table, fridge, and cupboard.

General Instruction

  • Only two attendants are allowed to stay with the patient in order to prevent infection.
  • During the duration of stay in the hospital, the billing department will provide regular requisition slip of estimate bill in order to make further payments. On receiving the requisition, the patient/attendant will have to deposit the sum at the billing counter.
  • If a patient is shifted from the ward to the critical unit, the accommodation occupied by the patient in the room/ward has to be vacated forthwith. Withholding of room/bed by the attendants is allowed only after permission of hospital administrator. In such cases, the bed/room charges will be collected extra.
  • In exceptional cases, if a patient is permitted to go home while under admission in the hospital, he has to deposit the total amount of the estimate bill before leaving the hospital.
  • Telephone facility is being offered by the hospital to each room. Outgoing call facility is provided and charged accordingly.
  • Housekeeping staff are employed in the ward to help you and to keep the ward clean and hygienic. Floor supervisors are there to see that all activities run smoothly.
  • Please do not give any monetary perks or tips to any hospital staff.
  • Allotment of bed/room at Varma Union Hospital is based upon availability of room/bed on the day of admission. The Inpatient reception will assist you in the admission process.