Chairman’s Message

LT. Dr. R.C. Varma

Varma Union Hospital PVT LTD was established during the year 1959 & is situated in the western part of Indore city since last 61 years.

LT. Dr. R.C. Varma graduated from Nagpur Medical College in the year 1953 having obtained first position in the University in the final M.B.B.S examination and was awarded Gold Medal for the same. Having completed one year’s house job in Medicine and Surgery he proceeded to England for further Medical Training and passed the F.R.C.S. examination of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, London during the year 1957. The same year he returned to India and joined M.G.M. Medical College at Indore, as Lecturer in orthopaedic Surgery. Having served in this capacity for two years he resigned from Govt. service and started Varma Union Hospital PVT LTD at Indore in the year 1959. At that time this was the only fully fledged Surgical Hospital in the city. LT. Dr. Varma & Dr. Mrs Varma worked day in & day out. The Hospital flourished well from day first. LT. Dr. Varma being trained in general surgery & orthopaedic surgery and his wife trained in Anaesthesia made this hospital grew rapidly.

At the beginning this hospital was started in a rented building in the heart of the town and three years later the hospital was shifted to the present premises. Thus the hospital today is one of the pioneering Institutes of the city with a reputation spread all over the state fetching patients from far and wide areas.

Our greatest achievement in not that the hospital has treated thousands of patients but that it still retains shining reputation as a centre of excellence with ethical humanitarian medical practice.

Department of orthopaedic was established during the year 1959 by LT. Dr. R.C. Varma FRCS Eng. During the last 61 years few lac patients must have got the treatment and have got well.

orthopaedic Surgery deals with trauma and diseases of locomotors function of the body i.e. the part of the body which allows us to move about, perform, our daily routine work and also our specialized professional work and all that work that helps meet our living & loving requirements. This means this surgery deals with bones, joints, muscles, nerves, spinal column. Good posture, well poised gait, running, playing, excellence in work, writing all comes within the scope of orthopaedic. Trauma sustaining fractures of Bones, Joint dislocation, lacerations of muscles, nerve injuries are included in orthopaedic.

Setting & fixing of fractures, mobilizing injured and stiff joints, and repair ruptured muscles, tendons, and nerves are the basics of orthopaedic Surgery. Replacement of damaged or worn out joints has now become a routine practice in orthopaedic. Now days the numbers of patients in orthopedic department are increasing drastically because of increased number of accidents, injuries due to overcrowded vehicle on road and over populated cities.

Key hole surgery, closed nailing of fractured bones, arthroscopic surgeries, poly trauma, intensive care of poly traumatic patients, joint replacement surgeries are new in orthopaedic. All these facilities are included in our 100 bedded fully equipped hospitals with well trained and experienced staff both medical and non medical. Scope of orthopaedic surgery has greatly increased in the recent years.

LT. Dr. Varma had performed the first K nailing during the year 1959. It was big news in the local News papers that LT. Dr. R. C. Varma has inserted a steel rod in the Femur bone. It was the first operation of its kind in the central India. Dr. LT. R.C. Varma had performed the first total hip replacement surgery in Indore in the year 1983. He is the pioneer in the replacement surgery of Madhya Pradesh.