Icu Intensive Care Unit


Varma Union Hospital has a Sixteen bed ICU with bed side monitor, central console, De Feb, ventilator, infusion pump, heamo heater, fitted with central oxygen & central suction.  ICU has a procedure room for minor procedure of ICU. centrally air conditioned ICU with latest state of the art equipment and infrastructure to meet the critical and emergency situations of the patient round the clock. The ICU can extend its occupancy to a maximum of twelve in case of an emergency. To prevent cross contamination of patients, the ICU has a closed design and to make sure that it takes the minimum time for any emergency to reach the Intensive Care Unit, It is located on the ground floor.

The ICU is under continues vigilance of experienced nursing staff under the supervision of residents who are MD in internal medicine with adequate experience in managing all types of emergencies. It has online monitors and computerized central colour console for continuous scrutiny over vitals of the patient and is equipped with ventilators. The visiting hours for patient relatives are 9am to 10am in the morning and 5pm to 6pm in the evening.


  • Equipped with life support equipment.
  • Easy access, saving precious time of the patient.
  • Well stocked with all emergency care medicine and equipment.