Dr. Ila Kasera

The Blood Bank of Varma Union Hospital was established during the Year 1993. It was the third official licensed Blood Bank of the Town. During the year the hospital was granted an additional license of Component centre.

This Blood Bank is one of the biggest Blood Bank of the town. We are issuing about 500 Blood Bottles per month. At any given point of time the Blood Bank has twenty bottles of each group & one or two bottles all the negative groups.

The hospital has complied with all the government norms to run. The hospital has given a space of 1700 sq feet with 10 rooms, seven rooms are air-conditioned.

The equipments are

Elisa Reader – Two
Blood bottle storing refrigerator fitted with Thermograph & Thermostat – Three
Ultrasonic Tube Sealer – Two
Blood Collection Monitor – two
Refrigerated Centrifuge – One
Laminar Flow – One
Plasma Separator – One
Platelet Incubator – One
Deep Freeze -30 degrees – One
Thawing Bath – One
Automated Cell Counter – One
Semi Auto Analyzer – Two
Flame Photo Meter – One
Automated Electrolyte Analyzer – One

Apart the above equipments we have well trained staff of about fifteen persons rendering Pathology & Blood Bank services 24 hours a day.