Process of blood purification using artificial hemofiter. Along with toxins it also removes excess fluid from the body. Regular quality hemodialysis for patients with Chronic renal failure is offered at reasonable cost at our centres.

ICU-Dialysis and different modalities at our centres

We provide these facilities In association with various hospitals offering ICU care for critically ill patients.

1) Regular Hemodialysis

4 hour session in stable patients in ICU as indicated.


Slow dialysis in critical patients with low blood pressure and kidney failure.

Slow removal of fluid in patients of kidney and heart problems with fluid overload.

d) Hemoperfusion
It is a special modality where special hemofilter cartridges are used to remove chemicals/toxins.

Cytosorb- is one kind of cytokine filter to remove harmful cytokines (IL-1, IL-6 etc) to abate CYTOKINE STORM (body’s excess immune reaction to toxins or virus debris leading to counter damage involving brain, kidney and other organs; which is recently seen in around 1-2% of severe COVID-19 infected patients.

Toramaxin- is such hemofilter specific for endotoxin removal produced by gram negative bacteria like E.coli, Klebsiella etc.

e) Plasmapheresis
Also called plasma exchange therapy in which whole plasma {yellow liquid compartment of blood which carries various proteins and antibodies (harmful in case of diseases)} is filtered with the help of a special filter called plasmafilter.